Web Media II

May 2 – Challenge

  • Schedule Interview Challenge
  • Critique of Menu Boards on Big Screen
  • How-tos on remaining theme requirements
    • Deadline Reminders

      • Child Theme complete for Content Management Project (Due Friday, May 4 at 4pm)
      • Final Presentation (8-10 minutes) of Menu Boards on Big Screen (Wednesday, May 9 at 8am)
      • Installation Instructions, Portfolio Documentation, and Final Reflection (emphasize what you have learned and how you have grown as a designer and front-end developer through this project) for Content Management Project (Due Wednesday, May 9 at 11:59pm)
      • Final revisions: Menu Board, Print to Screen, one other web project/assignment/challenge (Due Wednesday, May 9 at 11:59pm)

April 27 – Working with Custom Templates

  • Implement template files provided by Marissa.
  • Work on CSS for components brought in with custom fields.


  • Be prepared to show revised menu boards on the big screen for critique.
  • Work on CSS for WordPress Theme.

April 25 – Challenge

CHALLENGE: Choose a topic on design that you feel like you now have good insight to that you didn’t when you started designing for screens. Write a 500 word blog post that shares that insight with new or less-experienced designers. Imagine you are writing on a platform like medium. Include images. Bonus points if you actually publish it on Medium.

April 23 – Custom Templates and Fields

  • Critique challenges from last week.
  • Thinking about the editor role in WordPress: Create a user who has editor privileges.
  • Custom fields: Make sure users are entering the correct content.
  • Custom templates: Pull custom fields in to custom templates.

April 20 – Challenge

It is important, as designers, to make sure we are design for the whole user experience—including when things go wrong. This is where 404 error pages come in. If someone mistypes a URL within your domain, the error page is displayed. If you don’t have a custom error page, the browser supplies an unuseful generic one. Your challenge today is to choose one of your completed website projects (not your menu boards) to implement a 404 error page for. Remember that a good error page should be consistent with the brand.

404 Error Page Resources

April 18 – WordPress

  • WordPress workshop.

April 11 – Design Challenge

April 9 – WordPress

April 2 – Prepare for Quest

  • Prepare for Quest
  • Submit menu board (if you haven’t already)
  • Complete PHP tutorials and challenge for Friday.

Mar 28 – PHP

Homework for Monday, April 6


Mar 26 – WordPress

March 21 – Critique

  • Critique


  • Complete menu board by the end of next class.
  • Process book and portfolio documentation due on Monday at the start of class.

February 23 – Menu Boards

  • Menu Board Project

February 21 – Tutorials

Due February 28: Choose One*

You will need to submit the certificate of completion and the tutorial files you completed.

February 14 – Challenge

  • Create an e-greeting inspired by the candy hearts provided.
    • Project must be contained in a single file.
    • At least one photo or scan of a candy heart must be included.
    • Bonus: Include motion.*
    • Bonus: Send the greeting via email (and not as an attachment) by the end of class.*

*Graduate students must complete one bonus as part of their challenge.

February 12 – Site Review

February 9 – Evaluating

  • Maddy presentation and critique.
  • How do we evaluate design work? What should be in a written evaluation?
  • What should be in portfolio documentation? What format is appropriate?


  • Process book
  • Written Evaluation
  • Portfolio Documentation

February 7 – Challenge

  • CHALLENGE: Present Work in 5 minutes; you have 30 minutes to prepare
    • Show original magazine layout and identify key features of the design
    • Show an overview of your process (ideation, drafts, user testing)
    • Show current solution and explain how your process informed your solution.
  • Critique


  • Revise project for Friday, February 9. Complete process book, written evaluation and portfolio documentation for Monday, February 12.

February 5 – Critique


  • Critique is reschedule for Wednesday, February 6.
  • Revise project for Friday, February 9. Complete process book, written evaluation and portfolio documentation for Monday, February 12.

February 2 – Critique Delayed

I will not be in class today because of a family emergency. Please give each other feedback today and mentor beginning students who need help. Use the class time you have to refine your work — remember that you need to do user testing, so feel free to ask students in 317 to help you out. We’ll critique your projects on Monday and will bump the remaining deadlines for the assignment by one class period. If you have questions, please reach out in Slack.

January 31 – Challenge #2

Challenge 1: “Show Love” Button Design

Show Love Button

Recreate this button using only CSS and the following HTML: <body><button> Show Love</button></body>. You may not use ANY images. Submit a single html file that contains an internal style sheet. Remember that the example above is just an image and does not show any interaction; it is up to you to decide an appropriate user feedback and interaction.

In addition to submitting your coded solution provide a written explanation of how you tackled this problem. It is not uncommon to have a hard technical test in an interview where the purpose is to demonstrate your thought process and problem solving skills and not necessarily a perfect solution.


  • Hint 1: Multiple Borders
  • Hint 2: HTML Entities
  • Hint 3: Pseudo Elements
  • Hint 4: Text Shadow & Text Transform
  • Hint 5: CSS Gradients

January 29 – Process Books

A process book documents all major design decisions and steps in the design process. Summarize research methods and key findings. Explain how findings during discovery, critiques or user testing influenced how a particular deliverable or asset was revised. Remember to both show and tell.

Other members of your design studio who might need to update or revise your project or do a similar one in the future are the intended audience of this document.

Process book will be evaluated with the department’s process rubric. The process outlined in the book, the actual design of the book, and the writing in the book are all evaluated.


  • letter size
  • landscape
  • designed for screen
  • design in InDesign (use stylesheets)
  • submit as an accessible PDF

January 24 – Print to Screen


January 22 – Challenge