Audience – General

Audience – Children

Audience – Teens

Audience – Older Adults

Audience – Creating Personas

Component/Module Design


Ethics – Art

Ethics – Design

Ethics – Professional Codes


Grids – Tools

Grids – In Use



HTML Basics

HTML Entities

Ideation – Brainstorming

Ideation – Mood Boards

Ideation – Sketching


Images – License

Be sure to read and follow licenses carefully.

  • Creative Market (inexpensive licenses)
  • Flickr including Images from the British Museum
  • The Getty Open Content Program
  • Getty Images
  • Morgue File
  • The Noun Project
  • Photo Pin
  • Wikimedia Commons
  • Subtle Patterns
  • Images – Tools

    Images – Repeatable Patterns

    Images – Repeatable Textures

    Images – Creating Icons

    Legal – Copyright

    Legal – Copyright Case Studies

    Legal – Attribution

    Legal – Contracts

    Mobile & Responsive Design

    Designers and developers should consider both site-wide and page navigation. In general, provide multiple ways to reach any page on a site. Doing so allows users to chose whatever way of finding pages is easiest for them.


    Problem Definition


    Typography – Web Fonts

    Typography – Tools

    • Typetester: Compare installed web fonts in browser.
    • What Font Chrome Extension: A tool to quickly identify fonts and their properties on a webpage.
    • Font Friend: A bookmarklet that lets you experiment with Google Fonts and installed fonts on the fly on a live webpage.

    Web Design Software (FREE)

    Web Hosting

    Web Hosting – Recommended Hosting Services

    Web Hosting – Publishing Platforms

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