May 1 and May 3: Ethics and Interviews

May 1 Topics

  • Ethics: a set of moral principles; principles of conduct governing a group of people; value system
    • Conflicts of interest
    • Standards of Professional Practice
    • Understanding our biases
    • Know your moral compass
    • Charging Bull and Fearless Girl
  • Ethics Case Studies
  • 30 Second Elevator Pitch
  • Final Portfolio Assessment

May 3 Topics

  • Lab will be open, but class will not meet.

Reminders and Deadlines

  • MAY 1-3: Mock interviews in Career Services with alum. Confirmations were emailed on Friday. Remember to show up a little early for your interview and to send out a thank you to your interviewer afterwards.
  • MAY 2-4: Final portfolios due at noon the day after your mock interview. Leave physical portfolios in 32 Lanigan for Rebecca or in her mailbox outside of her office. These will be returned at your final exam. Submit files digitally by the same deadline (remember to submit on Google Drive and Lisa French). Print portfolios require packaged inDesign files and PDFs as well as either a PDF appropriate for email or a shortcut to a web version of your portfolio. Web-based portfolio submissions include a shortcut to the live site and a copy of your code files.
  • MAY 5: Final Portfolio assessment due at 12pm (noon). Files (PDF) should be submitted on Google Drive and Lisa French. A printed copy should be submitted in Rebecca’s mailbox outside of 32 Lanigan.
  • MAY 8 at 2pm: Final exam on Professional Practices – review material covered this semester. The test is cumulative and will include vocabulary and technical questions you should know as a result of completing your degree.

April 24 and 26: Pricing


  • Sign up for a Mock Interview
  • Pricing Models: Time-based, Fixed, Value-based
  • Invoices (billing for your work): Invoice Like a Pro , Beautiful and Functional Invoices, Tad Crawford’s Forms, Graphic Artist Guild Forms
  • Invoice Exercise: Create an invoice for one project you completed this semester using the time-based model. Include all expenses, etc. Use your timesheets to make sure you are charging accurately. Write a short reflection: Are you surprised by the total? Would you use this pricing model in the future? Are all the hours you charged for reasonable? Was your use of time efficient/effective? What did you learn from this exercise? Include invoice and reflection in your process notebook.
  • Estimates: Group exercise (What pricing model would be appropriate? What is reasonable to charge? What expenses need to be considered? What stipulations need to be included?). Include estimate exercise in the “writing” section of your process notebook.
    • Miranda’s Team: Estimate for a promotional email template to be used for weekly sales for an existing local restaurant with established branding.
    • Cassandra’s Team: Estimate for an illustrated book cover for a novel with a small publisher.
    • Brittany’s Team: Estimate for a wedding invitation design.
    • Mark’s Team: Estimate for a slide deck design (to announce speakers, the schedule, promote sponsors) for a conference on Alzheimer’s and dementia.
    • Claire’s Team: Estimate for a t-shirt, mug and bag design (all give-aways for a conference) that fit within the brand standards of a conference.


  • Professional Development requirement write-ups are due one week from the date you attended the event. Write-ups should be submitted digitally and in print. If Create Upstate is your professional development activity, your write up is due at the final on Monday, May 8.
  • APRIL 26: Final Process book due at 11:59pm. Please submit packaged inDesign file and PDF.

Homework due Monday, May 1

April 17 and 19: Preparing for Interviews


  • Preparing for interviews: Questions
    • Technical – will there be an excercise or test that needs to be completed before the interview or at the interview?
    • Process – what is your workflow like? Can you walk an interviewer through the enire process of a project or two? Think about research, ideation, iterative prototyping, feedback and testing, etc. How do you know a project is successful? How do you overcome challenges? What is your design philosophy or what do you value as a designer?
    • Culture Fit – interviews go both ways. You want to make sure that you are a good fit for the company also that the company and team is a good fit for you. Come with your own questions.
    • Collaboration – questions about leadership, communication, conflicts, etc. often come up here.
    • Self Reflection – what are your goals?
    • Engagement with the field – where do you find inspiration? How do you stay current?
    • Portfolio Walk through – what is the story of your portfolio? Where do you want to direct an interviewer’s attention? What do you want to highlight? What are the goals, audience and metrics of each project? What is your role?
    • What questions do you have for the potential employer?
  • Preparing for interviews: What to bring
  • Preparing for interviews: What to wear?
  • Preparing for interviews: Skype
  • Preparing for interviews: Supplying portfolio in advance.
  • Elevator Pitch for networking.

Homework due Monday, April 24

Homework due Monday, May 1


  • Professional Development requirement write-ups are due one week from the date you attended the event. Write-ups should be submitted digitally and in print. If Create Upstate is your professional development activity, your write up is due at the final on Monday, May 8.
  • APRIL 19: Revised Professional Package (minus the portfolio) due at the end of class. Links to online presence should be included on these items. Think about how these items would be presented to a potential employer. For example, would you have a resume with busines card, etc. in a folder? Would you mail your thank you note in an envelop? Attention to detail is key. You must submit your first submission with this revised submission. Remember to submit files (PDFs and Originals) as well as print versions.
  • APRIL 24: Pricing
  • APRIL 24: Sign up for mock interview.
  • APRIL 26: Final Process book due. Please submit packaged inDesign file and PDF.
  • MAY 1: Ethics
  • MAY 1-3: Mock interviews in Career Services with alum.
  • MAY 2-4: Final portfolios due at noon the day after your mock interview (if you have a web version, please email a URL by the deadline). Leave physical portfolios in 32 Lanigan for Rebecca or in her mailbox outside of her office. These will be returned at your final exam. Submit files digitally by the same deadline. Print portfolios require packaged inDesign files and PDFs as well as either a PDF appropriate for email or a shortcut to a web version of your portfolio. Web-based portfolio submissions include a shortcut to the live site and a copy of your code files.
  • MAY 5: Portfolio assessment (PDF) due at noon on Lisa French and Google Docs. The assignment will be handed out on April 26.
  • MAY 8 at 2pm: Final exam on Professional Practices.

April 10 and 12 – Catch Up Week

Topics for April 10

Topics for April 12

  • Amy Shutter, Alumna and Web Designer will talk about getting her start at 4pm via Skype

March 29 – Work Day/Critique


  • Get into critique groups and get feedback on items you are currently working on in your portfolio. Use the rest of the time to work.

Reminder: I’ll be in class around 4:30 today if you need something.


  • April 19 – Revised Professional Package
  • April 26 – Final Process Book
  • May 1 – Final Portfolio
  • May 3 – Written Portfolio Assessment
  • May 8 – Professional Practices Exam

March 27 – Typographic Details


  • Typographic Cheatsheet – Pay attention to typographic details.
  • Copyright talk is rescheduled for next Wednesday, April 5. What do we need to focus on: Protections, Copyright Registration, Work for Hire, Fair Use, Public Domain, Licenses, Case Studies? Other questions you want addressed? Post questions in #copyright channel in Slack by Friday at noon.
  • Due to advisement, I will not be in class until the last 30-45 minutes. Critique in your small groups on Wednesday and use the rest of the time to work.
  • BFA PR Group: Meet with Rebecca from 2:30-2:45
  • Guest: Saied Farisi – Critique from 3-4 with Miranda, Alyssa, and ?
  • Guest: Saied Farisi – Design Talk from 4-5

Next week – Monday, April 3: Visiting Alumni

  • Kitty Connor (’84) is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Architectural Designs and for 11 years was Vice President/specialist of Impressionist and Modern Paintings and sculpture at Christie’s auction house in NYC.
  • Nancy Fire (’83) is both the Creative Director for HGTV Home as well as the Founder of Design Works International, a “diversified think tank” that consults and workshops with some fo the premier talent in the world.


March 20 – Business


  • Event Reminders
  • Review Writing Assignment
  • SLACK reminders
  • Timesheet Reminders
  • Business terms
    • ROI
    • SWOT
    • Overhead
    • Invoice
    • Annual Report
    • Business Plan
    • Vendor
    • Conversion Rate
    • NDA
    • Business Model
    • Value Proposition
    • Stakeholder
    • CEO
    • CFO
    • B of D
  • Business Structures
    • Sole Proprietorship
    • Limited Liability Company
    • Cooperative
    • Corporation
    • Partnership

Homework (for Monday)

  • Continue to work on revisions and additions to portfolio.
  • Read Copyright Basics
  • Read Use of Fonts, Use of Illustrations, Use of Software, Guide to Copyright and Use of Photography in Design Business + Ethics.

March 8 – Documenting Work and Web Presence

REMINDER: Our class will meet in Tyler Art Gallery at 2pm today.


  • Documenting work
    • How to present your work in context (depending on the context).
    • Show and tell.
    • Handling special cases: time based media, interactive media, three dimensional media and products.
  • Web Presence


  • Update LinkedIn and develop a plan for your web presence and web portfolio.
  • Work on revisions and work for portfolio.

March 6 – Documenting Work


This week’s printer is Brittany.

  • BFA PR Team Meeting
  • Work time until 3:40
  • 3:40pm Visitor: Peter Cardone, Documenting Work


  • Complete professional package. Submit files in a single folder titled yourLastName_professionalPackage (be sure to include both a PDF and packaged InDesign files for each piece). Printed proofs need to be submitted for all printed materials. Use a paperclip to keep your materials together. Label each with a sticky note identifying how it will be printed, on what stock, etc.
  • Submit process book as a PDF and as an InDesign file in a single folder titled yourLastName_ProcessBook

Next class we will meet in Tyler Art Gallery.

March 1 – Networking & Portfolios



  • Prepare process book for submission (due Monday)
  • Work on Professional Package Revisions (due Wednesday). NOTE: Both digital files and printed materials should be submitted for all items in the professional package. You should clearly identify what stock, weight, finish, etc. that you are planning for all print materials.

Feb 22 – Crit on Resumes and Cover Letters


  • Small group critiques on Resumes and Coverletters
  • Meet with Jenny Roxas or Rebecca for one on one sessions
  • Check in on BFA Promo materials


Feb 20 – Accessibility


  • Using Slack: class requirement, collaboration, dialogue
  • Printing: Prints are only to be released by the week’s assigned Team Manager (this week the printer is Claire). Prints will be released between :45-:55 of each hour (according to Apple Time). Please do not bother the designated printer at other times during class. Epson prints need to be signed for during those same periods. All students must sign for all prints.
  • Accessibility
  • Expectations for critique on Wednesday: Revised business cards, cover letters and resumes. Critique should address both content and design. The pieces should work as an integrated system.

Due for Next Monday

Feb 13 – UCD


  • User Centered Design
    • Identify need/purpose
    • Clarify context of use including who will use the materials, how they will use them and under what circumstances they will use them
    • Specify requirements (both business requirements and user requirements/goals).
    • Design solutions based on the above
    • Test/Evaluate Solutions
    • Clarify issues and revise
  • Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Guest Speaker: Jenny Roxas, Career Services


Reminder: We will have print bootcamp with Jenilee at the start of next class before critique.

Feb 8 – Visual Identity Critique


  • Discuss Job Hunt assignment
  • Visual Identity Critiques
  • BFA Team Critique


  • Revise Visual Identity
  • Start working on Business Card design — consider who the printer will be; many have templates to use for designs.
  • Bring a printed copy of your resume in its current state to class on Monday

Feb 6 – Professional Package


  • Introduce Professional Package
  • Introduce Process Notebooks
  • Design Research Methods for each category:
    • Visual Research: Archives, Databases, Exhibitions, Catalogues, Annuals
    • Technical/Materials Research: Vendor Samples, Tutorials, Trade Magazines,, Discussion Forums, Pricing
    • User/Audience Research: Surveys, Interviews, Ethnography, User Tests
    • Business/Client/Organizational Research: Kickoff Meetings, Interviews, Competitive Analysis, Annual Reports
  • In Teams: Discuss Vocab Assessment (if you haven’t already); Discuss Work Plans/Checklists (update/edit if needed and resubmit)
  • BFA PR Team Meets: BFA Promotional Materials
  • ORI Team Meets


  • Complete Job Hunt Assignment
  • Sketches/Drafts of Logo/Mark for Critique on Wednesday

Jan 30 – Designers and their Habitats


  • Client Work
    • Oswego Reading Initiative (ORI): This team will work with Cynthia and will coordinate with the ORI committee. The materials to be generated include a Poster, Brochure, Bookmark and Digital Signage. This is a project that will have materials professionally produced for the 2017-2018 school year The poster will be complete by Quest (April 5) and all of the remaining materials at the end of the semester. A letter of interest (as a PDF) should be emailed to me but addressed to Cynthia by Friday at 5pm.
    • BFA Exhibition PR Materials: Brand Identity, Postcard, Poster, Email Announcement, Catalog, and Digital Signage. All design work for this project will be due the week before and after spring break so that materials can be printed and hung. This team must seek the input and approval of all Art 492 students. A letter of interest (as a PDF) should be emailed and addressed to me by Friday at 5pm.
  • Designer Habitats


  • Work on Portfolio Assessment
  • Respond to habitat question in Slack

Jan 25 – Skills & Jobs


  • Create Google Drive Folders and Lisa French Folders
  • Skills Assessment Exercise: You have 45 minutes to create an advertisement to promote the city of Oswego. The text you must incorporate and a selection of photos you can use in your design is available in the assets folder. Choose one of the following format options:
    • Pop-Up Web Ad: JPG or PNG at one of the following sizes: Full Banner (468×50), Square (336×280), Skyscraper (120 x 600), Fat Skyscraper (240 x 400).
    • Print Magazine Ad: 300ppi, CMYK, Tiff at one of the following sizes: Full Page (7″ x 10″), Half Page Island (4.563″ x 7.5″), Half Page Horizontal (7″ x 4.875″), or One Third Page Vertical Skyscraper (2.1118″ x 10″).

    Submit on Google Drive in your class folder following the naming conventions outlined in the syllabus.

  • Meet Design Groups: Critique Skills Assessment and Begin Portfolio Critiques.


Design Salaries

Job Titles

  • Print/Digital: Graphic Designer, Visual Designer, Communication Designer, Junior Designer, Production Artist, Digital Artist, Package Designer, Typesetter, Typographer, Pre-Press Specialist/Designer
  • Web/Interaction: Web Developer, Front-End Developer, Web Designer, Web Master, Full-Stack Developer, UX Designer, UI Designer
    Interaction Designer, Product Designer, Service Designer, Experience Designer
  • Motion: Multimedia Designer, Multimedia Producer, Video Producer, Editor, Motion Designer, Animator, 3D Modeler
  • Social Media: Social Media Coordinator, Account Manager, Specialist, Strategist, Community Manager
  • Experience Required: Senior Designer, Design Lead,
    Design Manager,Art Director, Creative Director, Graphic Design Manager, Creative Services Manager, Project Lead
  • Other: Merchandiser, Stylist, Environmental Designer, Principal, Freelancer, Account Manager, Strategist

Finding A Job

Jan 23 – Intro


BFA Graphic Design Program Goals

Upon completion of the BFA Graphic Design program, students will be able to:

  1. Develop an integrated design practice/process that places value on research, critique/feedback and iteration during planning and production phases including the ability to: frame design problems in relationship to people and context, use research to make informed and strategic design decisions, implement a combination of divergent and convergent thinking during ideation phases, and develop and test prototypes, etc.
  2. Generate useful, usable, effective and desirable solutions to a variety of visual communication problems that demonstrate fluency in the elements and principles of design, visual organization, typography, the medium/technology, and, when appropriate, principles of motion and interaction.
  3. Produce design solutions that effectively respond to the relevant context(s) of a design problem including (but not limited to) the scale/scope of the project, technology, the goals/constraints of the client, needs/values/behaviors of the audience, and cultural, and economic conditions.
  4. Evaluate the form, function, meaning, experience, and the short and long-term impact of a design solution based on the concepts and principles of design (including motion and interaction when relevant), contemporary and historical practices, theory, and the demands of a creative brief.
  5. Demonstrate functional knowledge of professional business practices and ethics.