Web Media II


December 13 – Finals

  • Client Presentation


  • All remaining work related to the Oswego County Airport website must be submitted by Friday, December 15 at 11:59pm
  • Individual project materials can be submitted through Sunday, Decemember 17 at 5pm

November 15 – CSS Selectors


  • Prepare for critique
  • Come with questions about documenting web projects in your portfolio.

November 8 – Code Challenge

November 1 – Work Day

Oswego County Airport

  • Brian: grid and typography — experiment with this in code
  • Maddie: slider and navigation
  • Marissa: full posts and post excerpts on pages
  • Brandon: coded prototype of contact page and coded template with needed modules

October 13 – Critique

  • Complete Performance Reviews
  • In-progress critiques on Product Subscription Project
  • Discuss professional development requirement


  • Prepare for Playbacks on Monday!

October 11: Reviews

  • Individual performance reviews for Oswego County Airport project
  • Work time


  • Plan for critiques of Product delivered by email (appropriate items: remix mockup, content, sketches, personas, planning documents, etc.)
  • Play the Perfect Paragraph game

October 9: Playbacks

  • Brian: UI element mockups and Logo
  • Nicole: Photos and pilot questions
  • Kate: Wireframes and content
  • Maddie: Motion samples
  • Brandon and Marissa: Research updates
    • Homework

      • Post font pairing ideas to Slack

October 6: Email

October 4: Client Meeting

  • Client meeting with Brandon, David and Pilot
  • Approvals on content, logo and visual direction

October 2: Playbacks

  • Brian: logo, ui modules
  • Kate: Content and site map
  • Nicole: User testing and research
  • Marissa, Maddie, Brandon: current research and ideas for site


  • Prepare for client meeting

September 11: Project Kickoff

  • Quick look at final Multilingual FAQs in lab
  • Hopes & Fears
  • Plan for first client meeting
  • Performance Plans and SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound)


  • Prepare for client meeting
  • Prepare for Friday’s critique of copywork Product Delivered by Email
  • Draft of performance plan

September 8: Pitches

  • Product Subscription Pitches
  • Feedback on interview and application process for Website Redesign Project
  • Team introductions for Website Redesign Project


  • Review current Oswego County Airport Project. Bring questions on Monday related to your specific role. What do you need from your creative director? What do you need from the client?
  • Finish revisions on Multilingual FAQ and make site live. Upload all required files and a shortcut to the live site to your Google Drive folder.

September 6: Critique

  • Critique of Multilingual FAQs


  • Prepare for Product Subscription Pitches

September 1: Globalization and Localization


  • Prepare for interviews.
  • Prepare Multilingual FAQ for critique on Wednesday.
  • If you haven’t already, be sure to read Copy if You Can copywork and Stealing Your Way to Original Designs in preparation for the Product Delivered by Email project.

August 30: User Centered Design


August 28: Introductions