May 8 – Interview Prep

Class Topics

  • Final presentations
  • Prepare for interviews:
    • Set up Skype account if scheduled for a remote interview and practice using, sharing screen, and using the chat window. Do a sound check. Set up a professional looking background.
    • Email your interviewer (TODAY, Wednesday, May 8) to confirm date (Monday, May 13) and time of interview. In that email introduce yourself, your professional goals (what kind of job you are looking for), share the URL to your online portfolio and/or attach your PDF portfolio, share your Skype username (if doing a remote interview), and attach your resume. You are required to CC me on any correspondence with your interviewer.
    • Dress professionally for you interview.
    • If interviewing in person, remember to bring something to show that is physical.

Final Requirements

  • May 13 at 2PM: Performance Review submitted via Google Drive and printed version submitted in my mailbox outside of 32 Lanigan.
  • May 13 at Scheduled Time: Practice Interview with Alumni
  • May 14 or May 15: Final one-on-one meeting with Rebecca in 32 Lanigan.
  • May 14: Email a thank you note to your interviewer (and cc me to receive credit). This must be done prior to your one-on-one meeting with me.