May 7 – Critique

Class Topics

  • Critique: Odds (group 1 and group 3) & Evens (group 2 and group 4)
  • Portfolio Documentation:
    • 1 Poster per team (18×24 portrait with at least 1″ margins, no bleeds)
    • Description of problem the product is attempting to address
    • The audience of the product (be very specific–mini personas could be useful here)
    • Title of the product
    • Description of the product, its intent and how it addresses the problem and needs/wants of the users. Also include information on what the product proof of concept includes and why you worked out these key user flows.
    • Screenshots of key screens and user flows mocked up on devices (use professional mockup files for this and use developer tools to take a screenshot)
    • List of all members of the design team
    • Provide key takeaways for a viewer of the poster
    • Include QR code and link to live site.

Timeline Reminders

  • Thursday, May 9 at the start of class: Critique of coded large screen design
  • Monday, May 13 at noon: Final website (must be live) and copyright documentation
  • Thursday, May 16 at 8am: Final Presentations (Dragontown Town Board will be present) and Portfolio Documentation Due
  • Thursday, May 16 at 11:59PM: Process books (individual), timesheet, and team survey due.