May 1 – Wrapping Up

Class Topics


  • Presentation (May 6 and 8): Plan on making a 7–8min professionally designed presentation (submit at PDF) highlighting the new work and revisions you made as part of 414 (the work you share cannot be work that you are getting credit for in another course). Showing your process book is not appropriate.
    • New work should include an overview of the design problem and intended audience. Show your process. Show ideation, prototypes, iteration, color studies, etc. Highlight key decisions you made and why you made them. Be sure to connect you decision-making back to the design problem and your intended audience. Your slides should be the visual support for the story you are telling. Most slides will not need more than a heading and image(s).
    • Revised work should include a before and after image. Please make sure you indicate what the brief is (it is ok if you revised it for the purposes of your portfolio). Point out the changes you made and explain why you made those changes.
  • Design Notebook of Project Revisions/New Work (Due May 6, submit PDF and packaged InDesign files). Details of what to include are in the class syllabus.
  • Performance Review (Due May 13 at 2pm, drop off a printed copy in Rebecca’s mailbox and submit PDF on Google Drive).
  • Practice Interview (May 13 and May 14). Sign-ups will be on May 6.
  • Debrief Meeting with Rebecca (sign up for a date/time during finals week after your interview)