April 30 – Development

Class Topics

  • Strategic Coding
    • Develop a pattern library/reusable modules. What is the list of modules that you need? Start with typography (headings, subheads, paragraphs, text links, etc.)
    • Collaborative Coding: Use class time to code, iterate so that you have older versions of code to go back to.
      • Github: Version control and project management. Free.
      • Multihack: Web collaborative coding environment, extension for Brackets has more features available (in Brackets go to File > Extension Manager > Search for Multihack > then click install). Code simulataneously in real time. Make a new copy of the code folder every time you start a collaborative session just to make sure you have a good backup. Free.
      • Codeshare: Web collaborative coding environment. Has good formatting. Need to back up files. Free.
      • Codepen: Online development environment. Has ability to build multiple page prototypes that are coded and live on the web (even with free account). Can collaboratively code on higher end accounts. Can make “forks” on individual files for version control.

Timeline Reminders

  • Tuesday, May 7 at the start of class: Critique of coded mobile design
  • Thursday, May 9 at the start of class: Critique of coded large screen design
  • Monday, May 13 at noon: Final website (must be live) and copyright documentation
  • Thursday, May 16 at 8am: Final Presentations (Dragontown Town Board will be present) and Portfolio Documentation Due
  • Thursday, May 16 at 11:59PM: Process books (individual), timesheet, and team survey due.