April 16 – Planning

Class Topics

  • Work on Pitches
  • Planning
    • Content First: To meet the goals of the website and the needs/desires of the audience what content do you need? How long is that content? Is the content text? Are there images, video or sound? How will this content be organized? (Work on list of content and how it would be organized. Develop content once you know which project you will pursue)
    • Visual Approach: Brand/Style Guide, Moodboards (this will be iterative and should be the start of a conversation about visual direction; these will need to be refined once you know what your content is)
    • Layouts and userflows: thumbnails and paper prototypes (Google Rapid Prototyping, Low Fidelity Prototype Testing of EE App, Paper Prototyping Techniques). Start with thumbnails to generate lots of ideas and then prototype when you think you have settled on a couple of ideas worth exploring more deeply. Prototype critique/testing is next Wednesday, April 25.


  • Prepare for pitches. Dress the part. Practice. Bring presentation in more than one format including on a USB drive in case the internet decides it is nto going to work. Consider bringing printed materials if relevant. Presentations will start at 11am. You will have from 9:35-11am to rehearse, prepare and get set up.