February 25: No Class

For Next Class

Don’t let canceled classes put you behind schedule. Today was designated as a work day and should still be used as such wherever you are. Your identity package (resume and cover letter on letterhead, thank you card with envelope, business cards, and promotional item) with your design notebook are all due a week from today.

On Thursday you will meet in critique groups to review files and look at the typesetting of the résumés and cover letters (remember to bring printed copies to class—ideally, one per group member). Prepare for that review by making sure you are appropriately using paragraph/character styles and master pages in InDesign. Double-check the following:

  • The line-length of the text should not be more than 75 characters. Adjust the margins on your letterhead accordingly.
  • The résumé should be easy to skim by making the hierarchy clear and consistent.
  • Appropriate capitalization and punctuation should throughout your documents.

Next class we will also start discussing the requirements of a professional portfolio.