May 1 and May 3: Ethics and Interviews

May 1 Topics

  • Ethics: a set of moral principles; principles of conduct governing a group of people; value system
    • Conflicts of interest
    • Standards of Professional Practice
    • Understanding our biases
    • Know your moral compass
    • Charging Bull and Fearless Girl
  • Ethics Case Studies
  • 30 Second Elevator Pitch
  • Final Portfolio Assessment

May 3 Topics

  • Lab will be open, but class will not meet.

Reminders and Deadlines

  • MAY 1-3: Mock interviews in Career Services with alum. Confirmations were emailed on Friday. Remember to show up a little early for your interview and to send out a thank you to your interviewer afterwards.
  • MAY 2-4: Final portfolios due at noon the day after your mock interview. Leave physical portfolios in 32 Lanigan for Rebecca or in her mailbox outside of her office. These will be returned at your final exam. Submit files digitally by the same deadline (remember to submit on Google Drive and Lisa French). Print portfolios require packaged inDesign files and PDFs as well as either a PDF appropriate for email or a shortcut to a web version of your portfolio. Web-based portfolio submissions include a shortcut to the live site and a copy of your code files.
  • MAY 5: Final Portfolio assessment due at 12pm (noon). Files (PDF) should be submitted on Google Drive and Lisa French. A printed copy should be submitted in Rebecca’s mailbox outside of 32 Lanigan.
  • MAY 8 at 2pm: Final exam on Professional Practices – review material covered this semester. The test is cumulative and will include vocabulary and technical questions you should know as a result of completing your degree.