April 24 and 26: Pricing


  • Sign up for a Mock Interview
  • Pricing Models: Time-based, Fixed, Value-based
  • Invoices (billing for your work): Invoice Like a Pro , Beautiful and Functional Invoices, Tad Crawford’s Forms, Graphic Artist Guild Forms
  • Invoice Exercise: Create an invoice for one project you completed this semester using the time-based model. Include all expenses, etc. Use your timesheets to make sure you are charging accurately. Write a short reflection: Are you surprised by the total? Would you use this pricing model in the future? Are all the hours you charged for reasonable? Was your use of time efficient/effective? What did you learn from this exercise? Include invoice and reflection in your process notebook.
  • Estimates: Group exercise (What pricing model would be appropriate? What is reasonable to charge? What expenses need to be considered? What stipulations need to be included?). Include estimate exercise in the “writing” section of your process notebook.
    • Miranda’s Team: Estimate for a promotional email template to be used for weekly sales for an existing local restaurant with established branding.
    • Cassandra’s Team: Estimate for an illustrated book cover for a novel with a small publisher.
    • Brittany’s Team: Estimate for a wedding invitation design.
    • Mark’s Team: Estimate for a slide deck design (to announce speakers, the schedule, promote sponsors) for a conference on Alzheimer’s and dementia.
    • Claire’s Team: Estimate for a t-shirt, mug and bag design (all give-aways for a conference) that fit within the brand standards of a conference.


  • Professional Development requirement write-ups are due one week from the date you attended the event. Write-ups should be submitted digitally and in print. If Create Upstate is your professional development activity, your write up is due at the final on Monday, May 8.
  • APRIL 26: Final Process book due at 11:59pm. Please submit packaged inDesign file and PDF.

Homework due Monday, May 1