April 17 and 19: Preparing for Interviews


  • Preparing for interviews: Questions
    • Technical – will there be an excercise or test that needs to be completed before the interview or at the interview?
    • Process – what is your workflow like? Can you walk an interviewer through the enire process of a project or two? Think about research, ideation, iterative prototyping, feedback and testing, etc. How do you know a project is successful? How do you overcome challenges? What is your design philosophy or what do you value as a designer?
    • Culture Fit – interviews go both ways. You want to make sure that you are a good fit for the company also that the company and team is a good fit for you. Come with your own questions.
    • Collaboration – questions about leadership, communication, conflicts, etc. often come up here.
    • Self Reflection – what are your goals?
    • Engagement with the field – where do you find inspiration? How do you stay current?
    • Portfolio Walk through – what is the story of your portfolio? Where do you want to direct an interviewer’s attention? What do you want to highlight? What are the goals, audience and metrics of each project? What is your role?
    • What questions do you have for the potential employer?
  • Preparing for interviews: What to bring
  • Preparing for interviews: What to wear?
  • Preparing for interviews: Skype
  • Preparing for interviews: Supplying portfolio in advance.
  • Elevator Pitch for networking.

Homework due Monday, April 24

Homework due Monday, May 1


  • Professional Development requirement write-ups are due one week from the date you attended the event. Write-ups should be submitted digitally and in print. If Create Upstate is your professional development activity, your write up is due at the final on Monday, May 8.
  • APRIL 19: Revised Professional Package (minus the portfolio) due at the end of class. Links to online presence should be included on these items. Think about how these items would be presented to a potential employer. For example, would you have a resume with busines card, etc. in a folder? Would you mail your thank you note in an envelop? Attention to detail is key. You must submit your first submission with this revised submission. Remember to submit files (PDFs and Originals) as well as print versions.
  • APRIL 24: Pricing
  • APRIL 24: Sign up for mock interview.
  • APRIL 26: Final Process book due. Please submit packaged inDesign file and PDF.
  • MAY 1: Ethics
  • MAY 1-3: Mock interviews in Career Services with alum.
  • MAY 2-4: Final portfolios due at noon the day after your mock interview (if you have a web version, please email a URL by the deadline). Leave physical portfolios in 32 Lanigan for Rebecca or in her mailbox outside of her office. These will be returned at your final exam. Submit files digitally by the same deadline. Print portfolios require packaged inDesign files and PDFs as well as either a PDF appropriate for email or a shortcut to a web version of your portfolio. Web-based portfolio submissions include a shortcut to the live site and a copy of your code files.
  • MAY 5: Portfolio assessment (PDF) due at noon on Lisa French and Google Docs. The assignment will be handed out on April 26.
  • MAY 8 at 2pm: Final exam on Professional Practices.