March 27 – Typographic Details


  • Typographic Cheatsheet – Pay attention to typographic details.
  • Copyright talk is rescheduled for next Wednesday, April 5. What do we need to focus on: Protections, Copyright Registration, Work for Hire, Fair Use, Public Domain, Licenses, Case Studies? Other questions you want addressed? Post questions in #copyright channel in Slack by Friday at noon.
  • Due to advisement, I will not be in class until the last 30-45 minutes. Critique in your small groups on Wednesday and use the rest of the time to work.
  • BFA PR Group: Meet with Rebecca from 2:30-2:45
  • Guest: Saied Farisi – Critique from 3-4 with Miranda, Alyssa, and ?
  • Guest: Saied Farisi – Design Talk from 4-5

Next week – Monday, April 3: Visiting Alumni

  • Kitty Connor (’84) is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Architectural Designs and for 11 years was Vice President/specialist of Impressionist and Modern Paintings and sculpture at Christie’s auction house in NYC.
  • Nancy Fire (’83) is both the Creative Director for HGTV Home as well as the Founder of Design Works International, a “diversified think tank” that consults and workshops with some fo the premier talent in the world.