Feb 17 – Images


  • Saving Images for the Web: SVG, JPG, PNG (Alex)
  • Images in HTML: <img>, alt attribute, file structure (Alex)
  • Images and CSS: float, clear (note that elements you plan to float should have a width set. I recommend setting widths in % rather than px or em.)
  • Watch Lynda.Com Video CSS Fundamentals: Floats for a quick overview and Chapter 3: Working with Floats (Floating Elements and Clearing Floats) in CSS Page Layouts for a more detailed look.
  • Need more help with images or floats? Watch Rebecca’s video 14 Images and Floats


  • Read and take notes on Web Aim: Alternate Text then implement alt attributes on all images in your HTML files for the Object Blog assignment.
  • Validate your HTML for both blog post files AND Validate your CSS
  • Complete CSS for blog post pages on small screens (typography, layout, images, etc.).
  • Read Chapter 3 and Chapter 7 in Don’t Make Me Think