Feb 6 – Professional Package


  • Introduce Professional Package
  • Introduce Process Notebooks
  • Design Research Methods for each category:
    • Visual Research: Archives, Databases, Exhibitions, Catalogues, Annuals
    • Technical/Materials Research: Vendor Samples, Tutorials, Trade Magazines, Lynda.com, Discussion Forums, Pricing
    • User/Audience Research: Surveys, Interviews, Ethnography, User Tests
    • Business/Client/Organizational Research: Kickoff Meetings, Interviews, Competitive Analysis, Annual Reports
  • In Teams: Discuss Vocab Assessment (if you haven’t already); Discuss Work Plans/Checklists (update/edit if needed and resubmit)
  • BFA PR Team Meets: BFA Promotional Materials
  • ORI Team Meets


  • Complete Job Hunt Assignment
  • Sketches/Drafts of Logo/Mark for Critique on Wednesday