Feb 1 – Technical Test


  • Timed Technical Test
  • UI Challenge Presentations Round 2
  • Google Drive Organization
    • Folder containing UI Challenge 1 (YourLastName_UI_challenge1)– be sure to clearly label the initial proposal and the revised proposal, also include a typed 1-page reflection on what you learned from this assignment (due on Friday)
    • Lynda Tutorial Certificates (YourLastName_certificate_lyndaCourseName.pdf) — Due Monday
    • Folder for Technical Test (YourLastName_Interview_TechnicalTest)
    • Notes on A Book A Part Selection (YourLastName_bookTitle_notes.pdf) — Due next Wednesday, be sure to label your notes by chapter.


  • 1 Page reflection on what you learned from UI Challenge 1 assignment — Due Feb 3
  • Work on Lynda course — Due Feb 6
  • Read A Book A Part — Due Feb 8