Jan 30 – Designers and their Habitats


  • Client Work
    • Oswego Reading Initiative (ORI): This team will work with Cynthia and will coordinate with the ORI committee. The materials to be generated include a Poster, Brochure, Bookmark and Digital Signage. This is a project that will have materials professionally produced for the 2017-2018 school year The poster will be complete by Quest (April 5) and all of the remaining materials at the end of the semester. A letter of interest (as a PDF) should be emailed to me but addressed to Cynthia by Friday at 5pm.
    • BFA Exhibition PR Materials: Brand Identity, Postcard, Poster, Email Announcement, Catalog, and Digital Signage. All design work for this project will be due the week before and after spring break so that materials can be printed and hung. This team must seek the input and approval of all Art 492 students. A letter of interest (as a PDF) should be emailed and addressed to me by Friday at 5pm.
  • Designer Habitats


  • Work on Portfolio Assessment
  • Respond to habitat question in Slack