Jan 27 – Personas


  • What assumptions did the Lynda.com Personas course make about its audience?
  • Vocab: UCD, Site Visit, Ethnography, User Test
  • Writing Prompt: Think of a design project you completed in the past that you consider to be successful. Who was the target audience? How did you do in your design solution to address the needs/wants of the user? How did you test the effectiveness of your solution?
  • Creating and Using Personas
  • Create 2 Personas for your object blog. One persona should reflect someone who is the same generation that you are. The other persona should be based on the generation assigned last class (via the reading assignment). In both cases, use the empathy map you created and the audience worksheet from last class to inform the content you include in your personas. Remember that personas should be realistic and not idealistic. Use this template to get started, but feel free to design as you wish. Keep to one page per persona. Bring a printed copy of each to class on Monday.


  • Finish Personas
  • Start the Writing for the Web Lynda.com course. Complete through Chapter Two for class on Monday (this will take you 30-35 minutes). You will have time in class on Monday to complete the course.
  • Brainstorm name ideas (and taglines if you would like) for your website. Generate at least 20 ideas. Narrow to five to discuss with peers in class on Monday. If you feel extra motivated or bored and want to get started on the visual side, consider sketching the names of wordmarks. The mark will need to scale on screens from 300px to 2000px without losing any quality. Be careful about names that are lengthy or hard to remember. Wordmarks will ultimately be created as scalable vectors.