Jan 25 – Skills & Jobs


  • Create Google Drive Folders and Lisa French Folders
  • Skills Assessment Exercise: You have 45 minutes to create an advertisement to promote the city of Oswego. The text you must incorporate and a selection of photos you can use in your design is available in the assets folder. Choose one of the following format options:
    • Pop-Up Web Ad: JPG or PNG at one of the following sizes: Full Banner (468×50), Square (336×280), Skyscraper (120 x 600), Fat Skyscraper (240 x 400).
    • Print Magazine Ad: 300ppi, CMYK, Tiff at one of the following sizes: Full Page (7″ x 10″), Half Page Island (4.563″ x 7.5″), Half Page Horizontal (7″ x 4.875″), or One Third Page Vertical Skyscraper (2.1118″ x 10″).

    Submit on Google Drive in your class folder following the naming conventions outlined in the syllabus.

  • Meet Design Groups: Critique Skills Assessment and Begin Portfolio Critiques.


Design Salaries

Job Titles

  • Print/Digital: Graphic Designer, Visual Designer, Communication Designer, Junior Designer, Production Artist, Digital Artist, Package Designer, Typesetter, Typographer, Pre-Press Specialist/Designer
  • Web/Interaction: Web Developer, Front-End Developer, Web Designer, Web Master, Full-Stack Developer, UX Designer, UI Designer
    Interaction Designer, Product Designer, Service Designer, Experience Designer
  • Motion: Multimedia Designer, Multimedia Producer, Video Producer, Editor, Motion Designer, Animator, 3D Modeler
  • Social Media: Social Media Coordinator, Account Manager, Specialist, Strategist, Community Manager
  • Experience Required: Senior Designer, Design Lead,
    Design Manager,Art Director, Creative Director, Graphic Design Manager, Creative Services Manager, Project Lead
  • Other: Merchandiser, Stylist, Environmental Designer, Principal, Freelancer, Account Manager, Strategist

Finding A Job