Jan 23 – Intro


BFA Graphic Design Program Goals

Upon completion of the BFA Graphic Design program, students will be able to:

  1. Develop an integrated design practice/process that places value on research, critique/feedback and iteration during planning and production phases including the ability to: frame design problems in relationship to people and context, use research to make informed and strategic design decisions, implement a combination of divergent and convergent thinking during ideation phases, and develop and test prototypes, etc.
  2. Generate useful, usable, effective and desirable solutions to a variety of visual communication problems that demonstrate fluency in the elements and principles of design, visual organization, typography, the medium/technology, and, when appropriate, principles of motion and interaction.
  3. Produce design solutions that effectively respond to the relevant context(s) of a design problem including (but not limited to) the scale/scope of the project, technology, the goals/constraints of the client, needs/values/behaviors of the audience, and cultural, and economic conditions.
  4. Evaluate the form, function, meaning, experience, and the short and long-term impact of a design solution based on the concepts and principles of design (including motion and interaction when relevant), contemporary and historical practices, theory, and the demands of a creative brief.
  5. Demonstrate functional knowledge of professional business practices and ethics.