Jan 23 – Introduction


  • Introductions
  • Complete Web Design Survey
  • Review Syllabus
  • Introduction to Slack.
  • Basic Web Terminology: HTML, CSS, JS, URL, FTP, Server, Hex Code, Domain Name, Hosting Space
  • Discussion: What makes a blog different or unique from other types of websites? How are they similar?
  • Introduction to Project 1


  • Buy textbook and class supplies
  • Sign Up for Web Media Slack Group and post a description of the objects and the audience marker you have chosen for Project 1 in #317_sp17 channel by 11:59pm Jan 24. Respond to a post by at least one other classmate prior to class on Jan 25. Review Slack Video Guides if you need help getting started.
  • Review syllabus

Reminder: A set of Review Questions are given every Wednesday, including next class.